The Mad Lab

Monthly Halloween Prop Building Contest

June 2011 Contest (Actually 2 contests)

 Static Prop

Foam is the weapon of choice for the static prop build. This includes, well, pretty much any foam. Great stuff, insulation foam, styrofoam, pool noodles, craft foam, egg shell foam, upholstery foam, foam board, foam packing peanuts...Ok you get the picture.

Animated Prop




Ahhh the wonders of the wiper motor! Whether you are well acquainted or a novice this little device can open a door of haunting possibilities. Hit the salvage lot or head to Monster Guts. Use of a wiper motor is the only SEI requirement for this challenge.

You may enter as many times as you like in both categories. The deadline is extended to allow you ample time to crank out as many props as your decaying little heart can handle. 


A few new requirements regarding your entry:

A tutorial is REQUIRED. As per the poll we took last winter this was one of the number one issues. Entries submitted without a tutorial will not be considered.

Photos submitted with tutorial (even those added to this site) must be NO LARGER than 500px on the longest side. This is necessary because photos larger than this stretch the pages and I end up spending countless hours editing. If your photos are larger you can edit them down in Photobucket or any other online editor prior to submitting.

This month's prize:   (One for each category: static and animated:)

Full size Bucky. The skeleton king! A spankin' brand new set of bones for your twisted pleasure. This one is for the winner of the static prop build.



It bears repeating...Yep, another Bucky! (That's two for those of you counting.) This one is for the winner of the animated prop build.


Your entry for either project will need to be submitted by September 21 in order to be eligible to win. Click here to submit your entry. Please email your required tutorials to the Mad Doc at or post in The Mad Lab forum.

For more details please refer to the Contest Rules and Info section.