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I am new to this site also.  I've never entered any contest before but decided to give this one a try with the pillows and 3 ring binders. So here goes:

First I took a pillow and wrapped it around a fexible  rod. I wrapped the arms in bubble wrap and then took some old  fur (I've been trying to get rid of this for years) and made sleeves and slipped that over the bubble wrap

Then I took a pillow and used that for the wolfs legs. I covered them with the rest of the fur. I added a pair of black boots for feet.

I made a book about the Big Bad Wolf and The 3 Little Piggies. I stuck Mr. Wolf in a casket that I had made last year, propped another pillow behind him to make him comfy. Then I put the book in his hands. Lo and behold he's already to read a night time story.

Here is a side view of his face. Due to lack of time you will notice I did not get the back of his head finished. He will be propped up in front of a tombstone so no one will really notice.

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that's so neat!!!


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