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Dr Jekyll
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Here is the step-by-step info you will need in order to add a pic/photo to your forum post or forum post tutorial.

First you will need to have your pics hosted on this site.

Go to the Photo Gallery.

Choose Add Photos.

Highlight the New Album button and enter the name of your album (whatever name you wish).

Click Upload Photos - a pop up window will open with a listing of your computer files. Go to your picture file find the photo you wish to upload and double click it. It will load automatically. You can add as many pictures as you like.

Once you have all your photos ready click Submit.

Now you are able to edit more information.

First add a description of your album in the Album Description box.

Chose Members Pics from the drop down box.

You can click the Album Options to add music to your album but please do not disable comments or place the album in the NavBar.

If you choose, add a title and caption for each of your pictures.

When finished click Save.

Now that you have your very own album you can add pictures to your forum posts and tutorials. Here's how to do it:

This works best with the Forum open in one window and your Photo Album open in another.

Begin your tutorial or post.

When you are ready to add a pictures click the Photo Icon (second one in from the right side that looks like a blue box).

A small pop-up opens asking for the URL of the image. (This is where the two window thing comes in handy.)

In you Photo Album, go to the picture that you wish to display in your post.

Right click it and choose Copy Shortcut (this is your picture's URL).

Past the URL in the box and click OK.

Now the pic will show up in your post.

Complicated? A bit, yes but until we find another way this should get you going. As always I will be happy to post tutorials for you.

Dr Jekyll


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Aw Doc... I knew you'd find a cure!

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Dr Jekyll
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Well I chugged some elixer and it just came to me. :P


The Doctor is in...

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