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Whos afraid of zombie bursting from the ground when thereare giant spiders popping up under your feet.


The base of the body consisted of a scrap piece of great stufffoam and a trash bag stuffed with shredded paper. I added a few more scraps ofconstruction paper to add ridges and give it more definition and a better bodythen most spider flat surfaces. Plus they looked awesome.


Each leg was three sections of three foot long 1/2 inch pvc pipe. to get a more realistic look for them i built up around the joints using newspaper. then they were covered in great stuff foam.

The eyes are small glass dots i picked up from an art store. love their reflectivity.

The body was given a coat of black spray paint, then red highlights on the ridges eyes joints. i'd tell you more but my awsome little sister did the painting. no clue how she got it like this either.

The legs are held in place by three foot long peices of wood hammered into the ground.

There it is, a pretty simple prop, time consuming with the legs but well worth it.

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