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Spell book How-to


I want to show you guys how to make a spell book like the one I showed here

The first thing you'll need is a book. It doesnt have to be so big, it just has to be a hardback book. I used an encyclopedia.

The second is only necessary if you want the book to have faux brass corners. This is craft foam. I used it for the entire cover, but if you dont want the brass corners, you can just use cardboard

Cut the foam into the shape of the corner pieces, and make sure the fit on the cover. Mine were painted brown previously, that wasn't necessary.

I took an old talisman type thing I got with and old halloween costume, and

covered it in foil, using the back end of a paint brush to press it in to all the indents. Fill it up with hot glue. This gives us an easy, rough cast.

I then took the foam, and cut it into the the shapes I needed, making ridges along the spine, and all the shapes on the cover. I hot glued them into place.

I took the pentagram thing made earlier, and spray painted it with brown, and then over with a brass color. I hot glued this on in the center.

I didn't take any pictures of the next step (even though I shouldve). It's pretty simple though. Get a small bowl, and put some watered down school glue in it. Take a paper towel, and lay it on the cover. If you're doing a center piece like me you'll want to tear a hole, slightly smaller than the piece, and right above it. Grab a paint brush and paint on the water/glue mixture. make sure to press the paper into all the indents and folds. If the book is large, you may want to lay it on a tissue box or something so you have both sides of the cover facing up, but not so the spine is folded. Repeat the covering process for the back cover.

I painted it as it was drying, to allow it to "bleed" into it. I didn't go over the hinges (?) with the red as they would be a different color.

once thats dry, add any touch ups to the paint that you want. Take the corner pieces and paint them the same way as the center.

Hot glue them into place. paint the hinge pieces brown (or what ever color you want, it is your prop.) I made the small "brass" pieces out of hot glue, just drops that I painted. I took a watered down black and went alond all the creases and rubbed it out, to age it.

I took a sharpie, and sketched out what I wanted it to say on the cover. You can use any font for a reference.

I took the hot glue gun, and just went over the letters, drawing them out, and giving them depth. I painted them a very light orange, and did the black around the edges in the same way as earlier.

I went back and painted some smaller strips of foam brass, and hot glued them around the edge of the corner. In the future I'd cut it out so it would be able to fold over like an actual corner piece.

This was how I made my spell book. The original technique is not mine, but Dave Lowe's from here

Although I did do a few things different.

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very nice, i did a similar thing to create those books in my vampire kit this month

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The Doctor is in...

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