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Vampire Killing Kit

My June 2011 Mad Lab submission is the Romainian Vampire Killing Kit.

This one is losely based on the vampire kits that many travelers of that region carried with them. Built to ward of evil and for protection, the kit contained many items necessary to ward off the vicious blood suckers.

Here is the Kit in all its glory!


The kit includes the box, complete with leather strap and brass hindges and clasps, a cross, three stakes, a flintlock pistol, a rosary, a alchemy book, a botony field guide and vials containing consectrated earth, brimstone, garlic cloves and holy water.


In order to get there I used the following:

Paints - various acrylic colors

Wood stain - black and cherry

Brass hindges

Brass claps

Brass screws

Pine woods of various lengths (top choice, premium)

Fine grain plywood


Hot glue

Leather belt

Glass vials

Nail gun

felt fabric

fabric dye




spray glue

pink insulation foam

First I cut and measured the sides for my case. I used some 6 ft pieces of premium top choice lumber from Lowes. One length was 2 1/2 wide the other was 1 1/2 wide. Once cut, I used a dove tail jig and router to join the corners with just a touch of wood glue.


You can see the bottom section here with the inserts for the divided areas. In order to install those I used the router to cut the groves in the appropriate locations.


I then cut the plywood to fit the top and bottom sections and used the nail gun to fasten the ply to the frame. I sanded everything with a fine grit paper and filled all the nail holes.


Once the case was complete, I decided on the location for the hindges and clasps and tapped the holes. Once complete, I added the Romainian crest to the outside of the box to add authenticity. I test fit the hindges and gave it a final sanding.


I then stained the inside and outside of the box in minwax black to give it a darker antique appearance. I also painted the crest to true Romainian colors. Once dry, I added two coats of minwax sealer and sanded between coats to give it a smooth but glossy appearance. It really tied the plywood and pines together.


Once it was all dry, I fitted the inside with a vials rack, two hindged compartments on the top and a knife storage opposite the vials. I also created a small box to put inside to hold the travlers books.

Once the outside was complete, I took a leather belt and an extra brass hindge. I separated the hindge by removing the pin and used it as a clasp to hold the handle in place.


For the interior, I dyed some white felt to rose red to give it some pop!


I then used the felt to cover poster board and line the box. I used spray glue to fix the felt in place and to glue the panels into place. I also used the felt to line the vial rack.


Once completely lined, I set about making the props for the kit. I made a cross and three stakes out of scrap pine, each measure 1 x 1 inch. I notched the cross in the back and glued both peices together. I used a jig saw to roughly shape the stakes and then used an upside down belt sander afixed to my table saw to shape and refine the stakes. I painted the cross white with purple trim (purple is royalty) and I stained the stakes in minwax cherry to give them the golden color.



Once complete, I needed a way to secure them into the case. This is where the SEI came into play. I cut and measure the pink foam to fit the upper portion of the box. I then used a dremel tool to shape the impression of the stakes and cross into the foam. I also covered the foam in the red felt (very time consuming) and added the leather strips to keep the tools in place when the case was closed.


For the rosary, I was able to purchase a rosary air freshener at my local dollar general for $2. It was perfect and added a nice lemony scent to the case. (vampires hate lemon!) I used the upper storage for the rosary.

I needed a flintlock for the case to capture the appropriate era so I found a childs pirate kit at walmart for $6. I took the cap gun mech out and glued the gun shut. I also painted it with acrylics to look like an acutal gun complete with silver barrel and wooden handle. (it was safety orange and white before i painted it)

I also fit the flintlock with more foam (SEI again!) and covered in the red felt.

No kit would be complete with out garlic and holy water right? I am glad you asked! I found an old kitchen spice rack at a garage sale, woo hoo 50 cents and cleaned four of them to use in my kit. I made garlic cloves from clay and put them in one, used potting soil for conscecrated earth, used charcoal for brimstone and tap water for holy water.

I made labels for each and sealed the jars with a bit of hot glue.


No traveler would be caught dead without some reading materials. I saw fit to include some era specific books, "Introduction to Botany" and Les Origines De L'Alchime (alchemy book). In order to create them, I cut up old copy paper scraps into equal shapes and drilled holes in the "bindings". I sewed each up with heavy apolsters thread and skinned the books with manila folders. I glued the binders on and put them in a vice to shape them and create the spines. I covered each in paper towels to create a damaged look and I painted each. I added other details such as the "frame" and additional spine features with manila folder pieces. Once dry I added the title on some card stock and used the thumb tacks as accent pieces and to hold them in place.

Finally, the knife was just an old wooden handled kitchen knife that I cleaned, sharpened and wrapped the handle in twine.

As a final touch, I took gold glue sticks and "branded" the vials, cross and stakes with a fleur de lis seal. It adds a nice touch and makes the kit more costumized to its previous "owner".

Once everything was dry and complete, I added the hindges, clasps and handle to the pre-tapped holes and inserted the felt wrapped elements into the case. I test fit them all and made minor tweaks and adjustments. Once in place, everything is tightly enclosed or tied in with the leather strips.

Here are picures of the finished product!





If you have any questions about methods, materials or anything else, please let me know. I am willing to help if you want to recreate one. This was a labor of love for me and I learned many new things creating this. Cheif among them was how to dove tail wood!



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