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Dr Jekyll
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Extreme makeover: Cooler edition

Parts list

styrofoam cooler

small slab of foam for shelf

craft paints

upholstery and thumb tacks

old drawer pulls and window lock

lots of bling

foam skull (corpsed or not)

stylin' eyepatch

3 in by 2ft metal duct

I gave it a base coat of black exterior latex then dry brushed some "wood" colors on it.


Using my dremel and a ruler I made "boards".

Upholstery tacks on the corners and thumb tacks on the "straps".

I took an old foam skull and sliced it's face off.

I attached it with only a piece of stiff wire so it could be moved or adjusted.

I added the bling and a pirate flag to the lid.

But wait! We're not done yet. Underneath that tray of booty is a secret.

This chest is also a handy little fog chiller. I cut holes behind the skull's mouth and in the back and inserted a piece of 3"x 2' duct.

I also added a small flashing light to the skull's mouth. Here's what it looks like under black light.

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I really LOVE this!  Great job Deanna!

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nice makeover!! my favorite thing is taking random stuff and giving it a complete makeover

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Posts: 6's a fog chiller as well! Very cool.

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Paid & Decayed
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Very cool!


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I just love the final result.  I'm going to see how I can mod this into a proper mad scientist's device.  I just never thought of modding the cooler before.  Thanks for the ideas!


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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Dr Jekyll
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The Doctor is in...

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