The Mad Lab

Monthly Halloween Prop Building Contest


Whatever possessed you to do this contest?
Insanity. I am after all a Mad Doctor.

I still don't get it. What's the catch?
Let me speak slowly so there is no misunderstanding....t h e r e   i s   n o   c a t c h. Build and enter for a chance to win. I don't have time to make this complicated.

Ok, I want to enter but if I win you will have my address. What will you do with it?
Hmmmmmm....well, let's see...we will enter it into our special spell book and come the next full moon we will dance naked while swinging a chicken and chanting your address over and over. (Ok, maybe not. Your address will only be used to ship your prize.)

If I give you my email address will you spam me?
We don't like spam - it tastes funny - plus there's that jelly-like goo. Who eats that stuff anyway?

If I win how can I be sure that you will send me my prize?
Well, let's see...the contest has been running since August 2007 and every winner has received their prize as advertised. You can ask them yourself if you like. Previous Mad Lab winners are listed all over the site. Drop them a message and see what they have to say.

Is there really a "renowned Halloween Institute"?
If not there should be.

Who are you anyway?
Good question! I have no idea. But - I did fill out an About The Mad Lab section so fill free to check it out.

How can I get in contact with you?
Click here to reach Dr Jekyll.

Do you have a banner or something I can put on my (myspace, facebook, web) page?
I thought you'd never ask! Sure do! Click here to find the banners.

Hey, I'd like to sponsor the contest for a month. Will you let me in on the fun?
Maybe. Give me a shout and we'll hash it out.

I'm building like a mad man - how many projects can I enter each month?
Enter as many projects as you like. As long as they all use the SEI - go for it!

How many times can I win?
Well! Aren't you just getting down to business?! You can win as many times (consecutive or otherwise) as the popular vote allows. We have had several win multiple times and even one or two win on back-to-back months. Hey, If you're good - you're good!

I have a prop that qualifies under the SEI but I made it a year ago. Can I enter it?
Yes. Like I'm going to know when it was made. As long as you made it - the date matters not.

I see that there are members here. How do I become one?
Just click this handy dandy button, fill out your info and you're all set.

I was working on my project and did myself an injury. What are you going to do about it?
Well if you were here I'd break out the first-aid kit, stitch ya up, serve you cookies and milk and tell you a bedtime story.
Since you are not here - and you should know better than to play with tools that you don't understand - you're on your own.
In other words kiddies, Dr Jekyll will not be responsible for loss of life or limb, bleeding of the eyeballs, severing of arteries or any other injuries you commit to yourself while participating in this contest.

Hey! I tried to vote twice and the system recognized me?
Tsk, tsk! Votes are one to a customer and to insure this the voting is tracked. Hey, this isn't ebay where everyone is "basically good". We don't trust you not to vote for your own entry 1000 times. I mean look at you - walking around in that t-shirt with the skeleton on it. (Oh, wait - that's my reflection in the mirror. Nevermind.)