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Monthly Halloween Prop Building Contest


In order to better serve the Mad Lab we are providing links to some of our member's favorite resources. If you have suggestions to add to the list just post a shout to Dr Jekyll in the Mad Lab forums. 


101 Halloween Ideas
The name says it all.

A Haunted Halloween At Blackstone Cemetery
Haunts and how to's.

Artsy Chiqua
Creator of creepiness and Halloween how to's.

Beady Eyed Brat
How to Halloween.

Bourno's Projects
Haunt pics and projects how to's.

Brewster Yard Haunt
Haunt pics and projects how to's.

Devious Concotions
Prop supplies, how-to books and videos.

Fright FX
Prop building projects and how to build a haunt from getting the money to advertising.

Fright Props
Prop building supplies.

Garage of Evil
Home haunt how-to network.

Ghoul Skool
Prop building how-to's.
Covers all aspects of Halloween.

Halloween Creations
Do It Yourself Halloween how-to's.

Halloween Forum
Halloween discussion community.

Halloween discussion community.

Halloween Projects
Haunt how to's.

Halloween Prop Builders
How to make Halloween props.

Halloween Prop Master
The art of Halloween haunting.

Podcast keeping the pulse on home haunting and Halloween.

Haunted House
Nationwide haunt registry and other resources.

Haunted Illinois
Haunt and special fx how to's.

Haunt Forum
Halloween forum.

Haunt Maven
Haunt and Halloween-techno.

Haunt Project
Haunting how-to's.

Haunt Space
Halloween social network.

Haunt Wizard's Arena
Prop building supplies.

Home Haunters Association
Haunt locations and project how-to's.

Home Haunt News
Home haunt ezine.

How To Haunt Your House.
Prop building how-to's and new how to haunt book.

Larry's Halloween Page.
Haunt project plans.

Monster Guts
Prop building supplies.

Monster List
Collection of DIY haunt projects.

Mr Skeleton
Anatomical supplies including Buckies.

Omar's Haunted Trail
Haunted how to's.

Home of the Flying Crank Ghost and Halloween imagineering articles.

Scary Guys
Halloween how to for everyone.

Scary Terry's Halloween Pages
Haunting projects how to's.

Soul Echo Entertainment
Haunt projects.

Spooky Blue
Haunting projects.

Spyder Wood
Halloween project, how-tos and tips.

Steve's Haunted Yard
Home haunter how-to's.

The papier mache guru offers prop how-to's and templates.

The Ghostess
Tips, tricks and how-to's.

Yard Haunter
Guide to haunting your yard for Halloween.

 More coming soon.