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Now Playing: The Bride Of Hauntcase!    (posted 20 August 2009)

They're back! Join the ghoulish gang with their featured special guest Dave Bates, 2005 Best Yard Haunt award winner.

What are you waiting for? Get your butt over and listen!


Home Haunt News!    (posted 20 August 2009)

What's better than having a ghoul deliver your haunting news? Not much except for this wicked hauntzine - Home Haunt News.

Radio Horror!    (posted 20 August 2009)

Channel 66.6 has their latest show up covering, well, damn near everything!

Listen Up!    (posted 20 August 2009)

Rue Morgue Radio's weekly horror show. A little something to listen to while you hammer out another cool prop for the crypt.  

Get In Line!    (posted 3 March 2009)

It's here!!  The new book, How To Haunt Your House by Lynne and Shawn Mitchell is now available.

Chalk full of haunting how-to's and over 300 color photos, you'd be an idiot to pass this up.