The Mad Lab

Monthly Halloween Prop Building Contest

Tips and Tricks

So you've been waiting for the next SEI to post and finally that day has come. With anticipation you scurry to the site and... what the?! Brain dead.

Unfortunately, sometimes the SEI can stop you dead in your tracks. When the going gets tough try some of these tips to get creative juices flowing:

Focus on some obvious props like tombstones, books of spells, skulls, etc and think how you would incorporate the SEI into those items.

Look at the shape of the SEI and consider props or components of props that use that shape.

Mutilate your SEI. Remember that it doesn't need to remain in it's standard form. If the SEI is square and you need something round - cut it. If the SEI is the wrong color - paint it. If the SEI needs texture - monster mud it, etc.

Use several of the SEI. You are not limited to just one of the item.

Focus on your haunt theme and what projects you need to complete. See if you can get the SEI to work into one of your needed props.

Brainstorm. Write down every prop you can think of then go back and see if you can work the SEI into something on your list.

Get inspiration. Search the web for haunt projects that have the SEI listed as an "ingredient".

Take the SEI apart. If your SEI can be broken down take it apart and look over the pieces to see what will work. You don't have to use all the pieces in your project.

Ask Dr Jekyll for a list of ideas. No SEI is ever posted until the Mad Doc has thought up at least one prop that can be built using the SEI. Give a shout in the Mad Lab forums and the doctor will post some ideas to get you started.